Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness 2014







FC Barcelona v Man Utd

Arsenal Ladies v Blue Power Boom

Halo v Midnight Express


Chesterfield Champions v Purple Power

En Feugo v Panthers

xPlosion v Own Touch


RVA Madrid v Rich City Kings

Cheeky Crisp Pingers v Darmillion

Galaxy v FC Barcelona


CUFC U10G v Arsenal Ladies

RVA Boyz UTD JR v Halo

Blue Lightning v Chesterfield Champions


Orange Crush v En Fuego

Man City v xPlosion

Chester Red Dogs v RVA Madrid


RVA Boyz UTD v Cheeky Crisp Pingers

Galaxy v Man UTD

Blue Power Boom v CUFC U10G


Midnight Express v RVA Boyz UTD JR

Purple Power v Blue Lightning

Panthers v Orange Crush


Own Touch v Man City

U9/10 Boys Semi Final

U9/10 Girls Semi Final


Rich City Kings v Chester Red Dogs

U11/12 Boys Semi Final

U11/12 Girls Semi Final


Darmillion v RVA Boyz UTD

U9/10 Boys Final

U9/10 Girls Final


U13/14 3rd Place Consolation

U11/12 Boys Final

U11/12 Girls Final


U13/14 2nd Place Consolation

U13/14 Boys Final

HS Boys 3rd Place Consolation


HS Boys 2nd Place Consolation

HS Boys Final


















Come and join us for the 5th annual Midnight Madness 3v3 indoor tournament!

Midnight Madness is back for the 5th year!  This year promises to be an exciting tournament of fast paced, end to end action and some of the most skillfull games to date.  Grab your friends and sign up today to be a part of the action! 


Date: Friday February 7th

Times:  7pm-2am (Younger teams will be scheduled earlier)

Location: Shooters Indoor Sportsplex 6144 Brad McNeer Parkway, Midlothian, VA, 23112

Divisions: U9/U10 Boys | U9/U10 Girls | U11/U12 Boys | U11/U12 Girls | U13/U14 Boys | U13/U14 Girls | High School Boys| High School Girls 

Price: $30 per player

Roster: Team rosters must have 3-6 players. 3 game minimum




Registration Instructions:


1) Get with your friends and create a team!

2) Players must register individually through our online system.  CLICK HERE to go to the registration page, select the "Midnight Madness Player Registration" option. 

3) After players register individually, a team representative must CLICK HERE and fill out the E-form with the team name, age group and team members.  Or, just email dparker@chesterfieldunited.com with the team name, age group and team members.

4) Registration deadline in February 2nd.  Schedule will be released the week prior to the first games.

*Please note, YOU CREATE THE TEAMS! We do not place individuals on teams.





Game Times: A schedule will be sent soon after the registration deadline

Rosters: No roster changes after the first game.

Guest Players: If a team cannot field 3 players, a guest player may be used. Must provide a proof of birth if not registered with CUFC.

Player Registration: Six is the maximum number of players allowed on a team. Three players will be on the field. A player may play on only one team. There are no goalkeepers.

Playing Field: All games are played on a 3v3 appropriate field.

Scoring: A goal may be scored from anywhere ON the field.

Goalkeepers: There are NO goalkeepers. Outfield players may attempt to guard the goal without the use of hands.

Offside: No offside.

Slide tackling: No slide tackling.

Uniforms: All players on a team must wear similar colored shirts during play. All players must wear shin guards. No cleats allowed.

Game Duration: Games twenty minutes running clock. No time outs.

Substitutes: Substitutions are on the fly.

Kick Off: An indirect kick may be taken in any direction.

Side Line Out: Restarts are indirect and must be kicked from the sideline

End Line Out (Over the barriers): On the offensive half, a restart is taken from the corner. On the defensive half, a restart is taken from the goal line.

Tie Breakers: Head to head will be first, then goal difference, goals scored then goals against. In the event of a tie in a semi-final/final, 5 minutes of "golden goal" overtime will be played before penalty kicks.  (Open shot from the opposite goal line, no GK’s, straight sudden death)

Referees: There will be a referee assigned for each field.